Texas State

Haidong Gumdo Association


President of the Texas State Haidong Gumdo Association

Master Julian Vasquez Sr. is the President and Chief Instructor of the Texas State Haidong Gumdo Association. He is presently completing his certification as a 4th Dan Blackbelt through the World Haidong Gumdo Federation, and the US Haidong Gumdo Federation. Master Vasquez teaches the Texas Master Level instructor classes at schools in the south west region of the United States with a focus on Texas.

Master Vasquez is also the Chief Instructor at the Vasquez Haidong Gumdo Academy, where he leads the instruction at Texas's largest Haidong Gumdo school.

Master Vasquez has a 30 year martial arts history that also includes a 6th Dan Blackbelt in Taekwondo certified through the Kukkiwon.  Master Vasquez is also actively involved in the Korean Jido Kwan association of martial arts schools. He is certified as a 6th Dan instructor through them, as well as a 6th Dan instructor through the United States Grand Masters society.

In addition to the Texas State Haidong Gumdo Association, Master Vasquez is the State President of Texas for the US Taekwondo Committee, and is a Vice President with the Texas State Taekwondo Association.

Also, Master Vasquez is the chief instructor at the Vasquez Taekwondo Academy, one of the largest martial arts schools in Texas with over 400 active students in a state of the art 7,000 square foot building with two concurrent training floors. You can see his school and more about him at www.vasquez-taekwondo.com.

Advisory Committee

The following is our advisory committee for the Texas Haidong Gumdo Association.

President: Julian Vasquez Sr. (center bottom)
World Haidong Gumdo Federation Chief Master : Master Kim (center left)
Texas Master Advisors: Master Bob Barron (bottom left), Master David Shadden (bottom right), Master Alan Sharp (missing)
Texas Masters: Master Croft (bottom 2nd left), Master Franklin (missing)
Texas Lead Instructor: Mr. Kyle Derossit (center top)
Texas Marketing Coordinator: Tim Kennedy (missing)