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2nd Muylimpics

The “2015, 2nd Mulimpia” will be held in PyeongChang (2018 Olympic Winter Games location), South Korea. The Mulimpia are an Open Global Martial Arts Championships. In order to make this occasion truly a great success, we ask you for your utmost best in raising a high interest for this event so that many people will be able to be a part of the 1st Mulimpia.


For more info, and an event schedule, please write to the Muylimpia Organization Committee. Their details are below.


Email: mulimpia@gmail.com

Website: www.mulimpia.com

Tel: +82-31-713-4472

Fax: +82-31-715-5433

Master Kim's training schedule 2014

Master Kim will be here from Korea in september 2014. Please see the following page for details.