Texas State

Haidong Gumdo Association

Masters Program

As Haidong Gumdo is a relatively new art, the World Haidong Gumdo Federation is working to expand its teachings through existing Korean martial arts schools. If you are a Master Instructor (4th Dan or higher) certified through a Korean martial arts federation, you are eligible to become a Haidong Gumdo school.

How do I Get Started?

You must first present your credentials to Master Vasquez for review. He will work with the World Haidong Gumdo Federation to certify you as a 4th Dan Master in Training.

Next you will be given the core curriculum material. This material is provided via our password protected e-learning portal that has videos, and step by step picture instructions on all the techniques and material. The World Haidong Gumdo Federation also has it's international curriculum material that is provided to you. You will be required to attend in person at least four, 4 day long Masters teaching seminars each year until you learn the basic blackbelt material. You may also schedule individual sessions with Master Vasquez. As an added feature, we offer live video streaming of select classes from our Texas Haidong Gumdo school, and of all our belt test promotions so you can quickly learn the material. And if you have internet access in your school, we can do person to person video communications where Master Vasquez can observe you real time through technologies like Skype Video Conferencing.

Once you have learned the 1st Dan material, you will be allowed to begin promoting your own students up to red/black belt. Master Vasquez will provide in person support for your first few belt tests, and will offer the ability to do live-video streaming of future tests so he can help evaluate student progress. Master Vasquez, and a host of US based certified master instructors are available to attend your school to give seminars, and evaluate student progress. He will also attend your first Black Belt student test and will bring representatives from the WHGF as they are available.

You will be required to continue with the Master in Training curriculum via seminars, and must be certified on all the material up to 4th Dan. Once this has occurred, you will be certified by the WHGF as a full 4th dan Master.

e-Learning Portal

Though the use of internet and web based technologies, we are offering the Haidong Gumdo material through the internet. Just as reputable Universities can offer degrees up through Ph.Ds via on-line curriculums, we can help you learn the material the same way. However, as martial arts is a physical endeavor, noting replaces in-person instruction. As you may be some distance away from our McKinney TX location, we offer 4 seminars a year for in person instruction that minimize your time away from your school and your cost. This is mandatory as you must be seen in person. But, though our e-learning portal, you can learn the art, and be observed via internet video for real time instruction.

The following are the features of our e-Learning portal.

  • Over 100 separate videos on our HG curriculum.
  • Over 100 instructional step by step instructions with pictures on that same curriculum
  • A Korean language instruction system with audio instruction
  • Operates in any browser.
  • Supports iPad and iPhone.

Recent Events

Texas State HG Assocation Testing Committee with Blackbelt Dan Certification Blackbelt Students.

Texas State HG Association and its member Master Instructors are now members of the "International Mulympic Committee".

Master Kim instructoring Student HG Seminar in Texas, October 28, 2012.